Thursday, March 27, 2008

7w2d. Some of You Were Right! Unbelievable.

Yesterday was our ultrasound.

We are overjoyed to be carrying twins. Both with a HB of 144, measuring right on time. Joy!


There's a triplet... a Baby C. He's got no HB and he measures at 5w6d so we can only assume he's not making it.

I only transferred two embryos so what we have here is a real identical twinning! A split for Embryo B!

What a fucked up thing. I'm sad because its a life, and a miracle and obviously my child. I'm not even fully sure how I'm going to feel about this yet over the next few days. The shock is still heavy.

But obviously, this also seems like a blessing. Baby C, sacrificed so that Babies A&B could grow strong and healthy.

They say that Baby C will reabsorb. I can't deny that I'm not scared for Baby B. After all this WAS his twin and I hope that structurally/genetically he's okay.

I really need to make a new video blog, but I have to think carefully about this. Do I want to tell Babies A&B about C?

I dunno. This is crazy.

In other craziness my doc told me to stop taking my Estrace. I've been taking Estrace since I was 13. This is SO weird. Supposedly the placentas are making my estrogen now.

4/15 is the last day that I take PIO! Wow!!!!


**susy** said...

Im sorry abt baby c. :(

I found you on youtube after uploading my vids and then it took me here. Im glad that baby a & b have good a good hb. H&H 9 months to you!! :)

Dagny said...

Hope baby A and B are doing great!

Sharon said...

Hi There!,

I just read that you are carrying twins! Congrats!! My first twin pregnancy started out as a triplet pregnancy but the same thing happened where baby C had no heartbeat and seemed to sacrifice itself for Baby A and Baby B. Needless to say, the twin girls, who are 8 years old now are doing great! I wish you all the best! E-mail me if you want to chat about what's to come!
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Alexxx Dunny said...
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