Wednesday, March 5, 2008

10dp5dt - I'm the only person to have not peed on a stick

Right? Has anyone ever gone this long without a beta or a pee stick? We are in the Colombian airport right now waiting to fly back home from our vacation which provided very good but not total 2ww distraction. Despite the fact that I was neither raped nor killed by rebels on the 2 hr trip from Cartagena to Barranquilla, today is a shitty day with a lot of crying and negative attitude on my part. Yeah I know I've had the mystical brown spotting but I just can't imagine this working. I just don't feel that blessed. I just think all of these symptoms are an evil trick from god.

Oh. And god? Just so you know.... If I bfn, I have fantasies of dressing up like mara jade/alice (resident evil) and arming my ammunition belt with grenades and kitchen knives and hunting you down. Begging you for a few wins hasnt been working since about 1990 so I'm changing my strategy to threats. If you keep letting embyros die in my womb, you really leave me no choice.

I'm a bitter hormone soaked irrational bitch.


Jo said...

I think you must be!! And no AF eh????

Daria said...

^^ no AF yet but i'm on PIO which effectively keeps the AF away right?

Jo said...

Not always... Some of us have.. when is your test???

Daria said...

beta is tomorrow!!!