Sunday, March 2, 2008

7dp5dt! Tingliness and more!

So, yesterday (6dp5dt) was crazy. I woke up with a tingling sensation all over my body that just never went away. It was mostly in my face, lips, hands and feet. I just woke up and still feel it in my face. I also noticed a spot of light brown, maybe a tad larger than an eraserhead, in my bathing suit.


I showed DH just to make sure I wasn't suddenly colorblind and because I had explained to him only an hour earlier about implantation spotting he was instantly cautiously excited.

Should I be excited? I don't know... Hope takes so much courage. Its frightening!

The wedding we came to Cartagena for was last night and it was SO fun. Seriously these people know how to party. I haven't had so much fun sober on a dance floor since I was in high school.

One of the highlights of the evening, however was the PIO shot. We borrowed the room key of a friend staying in the hotel where the wedding was held to "do the deed". Did you know that blow dryers make great substitutes for heating pads????

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