Thursday, July 17, 2008

Worst Blogger Ever Checks in at 23w3d

So.. yeah, I suck.

I was asked how I was doing on a msg board and I figured that my response would make an okay post here. Yes, I'm lazy....

Anyway, I had an ultrasound and ob appt yesterday, everything is all good.

i was in a bit of a panic because i really only feel my baby girl well... baby boy is almost completely muted by my anterior placenta except for at two little spots.... however all is well and they are growing fine...

and despite the fact that i could do a whole one-woman show filled with 1000 comedic complaints about how i pee when i sneeze, the never-ending morning sickness, i can eat protein bars in my sleep and my cats found the new Svan bouncer i bought VERY comfortable when i stupidly left it out, my doctor said that i'm very healthy and so are the babies.

i think i'm the easiest patient he's ever had in his uber-high-risk practice.

my mom and mil are throwing us a shower in early august and they were driving me crazy so i told them to not mention it to me again until the day of the shower. my wedding was less complicated, i swear!

as for my blog its like i've been in too good a mood to post... lol. i'm mostly driven to write or blog when i'm angst ridden and i've been surprisingly rational and serene, despite the ongoing morning sickness, for the entire pregnancy.

anyway... i don't really take too many naked baby belly pictures but i do tend to take pix for my family about once a week... here's the latest "self-portrait" that i took last friday at 22w3d.. my ridiculous fashionista-ism in fully display.. lol