Thursday, July 17, 2008

Worst Blogger Ever Checks in at 23w3d

So.. yeah, I suck.

I was asked how I was doing on a msg board and I figured that my response would make an okay post here. Yes, I'm lazy....

Anyway, I had an ultrasound and ob appt yesterday, everything is all good.

i was in a bit of a panic because i really only feel my baby girl well... baby boy is almost completely muted by my anterior placenta except for at two little spots.... however all is well and they are growing fine...

and despite the fact that i could do a whole one-woman show filled with 1000 comedic complaints about how i pee when i sneeze, the never-ending morning sickness, i can eat protein bars in my sleep and my cats found the new Svan bouncer i bought VERY comfortable when i stupidly left it out, my doctor said that i'm very healthy and so are the babies.

i think i'm the easiest patient he's ever had in his uber-high-risk practice.

my mom and mil are throwing us a shower in early august and they were driving me crazy so i told them to not mention it to me again until the day of the shower. my wedding was less complicated, i swear!

as for my blog its like i've been in too good a mood to post... lol. i'm mostly driven to write or blog when i'm angst ridden and i've been surprisingly rational and serene, despite the ongoing morning sickness, for the entire pregnancy.

anyway... i don't really take too many naked baby belly pictures but i do tend to take pix for my family about once a week... here's the latest "self-portrait" that i took last friday at 22w3d.. my ridiculous fashionista-ism in fully display.. lol


cnm said...

Hey!! I'm glad you wrote becuase My friend and I were beginning to wonder if you were still pregnant or not. Not trying to scare you or anything!! I wanted you to know that My friend and I have been keeping up with your blog. I found you on youtube as I was reaching egg donation. Then saw that you had a blog. Its really interesting and amazing at the same time. I'm really happy for you!!
I think you, my friend, and I have things in common. As my friend has been trying to have a baby through IVF and I as becoming a egg donor to a couple.

keep us posted!!

Oh!!Hopefully she won't mine me giving this to you, but this is my friends blog if you would like to see it:

Sky said...

Daria, I am SO sorry you're the "worst blogger ever" 'cause I LOVE your posts. You're a straight-shooter who's funny, witty and slightly neurotic - and still manage to be gentle and endearing.

I have watched your video posts on youtube about a hundred times - love them!

Try to post monthly, please?! Your material is just great and very much an inspiration for someone like me who's going through egg donation (because I'm old, not without ovaries) in a few months.

Much good health to you and those precious twins in your belly - and much good fortune to your family!

missdebbieanna said...


Wow. Congratulations. Your story is inspiring so please keep blogging. I am also member of the eggdonor recipient club. So far membership sucks! my infertility is a result of chemotherapy treatments when I was 14. I had Hodgkins and battled cancer for 3 years and won. Great! But at 25 I was told that all the chemo had destroyed my eggs and I would never be able to have my own genetic child. So now at 36 I have decided to start the journey to IVF with egg donor. for the last 6 months I have been searching for a donor and it has been a daunting and overwhelming experience. I have had several agency nightmares and letdowns "bait and switch tactics. So I'm still searching. your youtube blg was great and important for women like me. I would never have known to tell the dr. to freeze everything so thanks for the heads up on that one.

I would be interested to chatting more about your experience and your clinic. I decided to cycle with Columbia being from NY I have some great local clinics. However they are trying to convince me to use one of their anonymous donors but I'm not comfortable with that.

PLease keep up with your blog! What your doing is great :0

Sky said...

Daria, you must be just about to friggen pop already! Please pop in for 5 minutes and give an update, will ya? Pretty pleeeeease? :)


Sky said...

Daria - you must have had the babies by now and you're up to your elbows in diapers! Please please post pics and a good birthing story with all the good humor and wit you always have!

Would love to hear - best wishes girl!


Alexxx Dunny said...
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