Saturday, March 15, 2008

5w4d. Stop Scaring Me! :)

Of course we'll be happy with whatever we get... I couldn't do selective reduction. I bring this up because lots of people are warning me that I might be in for trips.. I dunno.. I know my numbers are high, but my betas are also later than most people's.

This could still just be a strong singleton, guys! :)

For example.. Check out these links from the betabase

I was 24dpo yesterday (5w3d) with the 9939 number.. Sure they are high, but the highest recorded numbers are MUCH higher.

I'm excited for twins, but even that is going to be a difficult pregnancy for me. I have a history of small bowel obstructions caused by adhesions from surgery when I was 12 (to remove my bad ovary)... I have this feeling that when I start to "stretch out" its gonna be VERY painful. I'll probably be eating through a straw by May. Can you imagine Trips?

They would be DARN cute tho!!! :)


Jo said...

soooo when is the u/s???? lol
Drive us all crazy ...

Alexxx Dunny said...
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