Thursday, February 28, 2008

4dp5dt - Imaginary Symptoms

Todays surely imaginary symptoms include:
*metal mouth
*excess salivation
*continued occasional weird twinges in the abdominal area. somewhat localized to 2 key spots.

Of course since the blastobabies are supposedly still implanting today, there's not really going to be any HCG in my system so I don't know WHERE these symptoms would be coming from! Is it the PIO? Or just my general insanity?

Insanity seems more likely.

On the positive side I didn't have my daily crying spell yet!

I'm going to Cartagena Colombia tomorrow for 5 days so my posts my be slow in coming. If I haven't already killed the blastobabies with the heating pad I've been sitting on for two days in an attempt to reduce the lumps on my ass, then the airplane radiation probably won't kill them either.

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Smiling said...

Thanks for your post on my blog. Yeah, I rarely meet others who lost ovaries at the hand of a surgeon (which is probably as it should be, but still crummy for us). I'd be happy to chat via email, I have heaps of questions about donor egg cycls myself. If you want you could do another post to my blog with an email address I can reply (I have moderation turned on my blog, so I, and only I, will see your email address but then will not publish it), unless you have another clever way to share addresses in a way that entire world can't see....