Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i'm crying uncontrollably and i can't stop. i'm scared, tired, hopeful, hopeless, broken and nearly broke. i have no friends in this fucking hippie town and no one to hug me other than my dear husband who is busy at work.

i fucking hate this.

i fucking hate my clinic for letting my other blasts die in the petri.

i fucking hate my body and the northeast PA hospital that took my ovary. i fucking hate my genetics that robbed me of happiness.

i fucking hate the adhesions that keep threatening to take my life.

DH just happened to instant message me with a " :) " to which i replied " :( ". i told him i was cracking up so he called and was sweet. i told him the clinic killed our blasts and he's just as upset as i am. they said they'd call and they didn't.

anyway... maybe i'll go shopping. i made a lot of money on ebay last night so i guess i could go spend it.


Smiling said...

Oh.. I wish there was something to say, you are in my thoughts. I get pretty pissed off too sometimes - I just wish I could express it more.

Smiling said...

Oh and if I was still living in Boston, I would gladly give you a hug.

I found that town really great when I was happy, but also really hard when I needed support --- everyone was so busy. I once asked someone to do coffee there, they said "yes - how about mid-February (it was only November!). Its not just you.. it can be a tough place!

Alexxx Dunny said...

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