Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm a Crappy Blogger. 11w6d

I haven't been blogging cuz I've been too busy dry heaving and sleeping and complaining and sleeping.

This is HARD!


Joyce said...

Hi Daria,

I hope everything is going fantastic for you! I'm much older than you are, but will do IVF with donor egg this weekend. My last ditch effort. Your videos and blog are like a life raft for us out here. Thank you so very much.
I'm at pizzazzpersonalgrowthinc if you'd like to check out my website. Anyway, just wanted to express my admiration and appreciation of you!


Joyce said...


I left the "com" off my website address.

I see you're a dancer and an Aries. I'm a dancer in my heart, and also am an Aries. I'm a yoga teacher and social worker. I'd love to hear from you.

Sending healing light and energy to you.

As we say in yoga,


TeresaSC said...


My name is teresa. I am an egg donor in South Carolina. I have been watching your video updates on youtube. I was looking for #10 when I realized that you had this blog page. I'm so happy for you and glad to hear that you are pregnant. Congrats! You should share this news with your youtube fans. I can't wait to see a pictures of your babies. Good luck and please continue to share with us along the way.

Teresa :)

alohajo said...

Hi Daria,
I'm over on the DE Moms to Be board and I hope to join you on the Pg after DE board in August!

I was hoping I could add you as a link on my blog.

Thanks for sharing your story,


Alexxx Dunny said...
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